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Hello, I'm Jessica Simms. I am a freelance artist and digital animator living in western Nova Scotia. I've studied various art forms, from pen and ink comics, to clay sculpture all my life. In 2010 I enrolled in the College of the North Atlantic's Digital Animation program at the Stephenville Campus in Newfoundland and have focused primarily on digital animation since then. Although I do still enjoy dabbling in static art as well, and am working on building a small portfolio of clay sculpture characters for local craft sales. Of course I'm always open to discussing any design, art, or film needs you might have.

The Animations:

This first animation entitled Great and Small was my final school project.

This one was the college group project

Pop Flips Out from CNA/ DIGITAL ANIMATION on Vimeo

This spinning earth animation was a commission for a independent film project's title sequence.

Traditional Media:

Drawing, art, painting, comics, were really my first way of communicating thoughts, stories, and ideas. I began drawing when I was 3; it was my first love, and I still enjoy returning to it often.

Digital Media:

I started exploring digital media with Corel Draw late in highschool, and then got more deeply into it while in college. Although I initially was resistant I now find it's one of my more favoured mediums.

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse (yes, there are 5 here, it depends on your particular telling of the mythos)

And a few other images. The Pirate Ship was a commission for Chris and Pina Fraser. The Nutcracker is a digital image, composited with stock photos to create our annual holiday greeting card


I discovered clay figure sculpting in highschool and this is a medium I'm exploring more and more. The test figures were practice pieces for animation projects.

For more information drop us a line to Jessica Simms - Feychild @ Feychild dot com